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Sea of Thieves new video talks game lore, open beta incoming

Published: 19:36, 10 February 2018
Updated: 20:02, 10 February 2018
Sea of thieves

Having recently come out of closed beta, Sea of Thieves has made some noise these days, albeit most of it related to data mining. That the Sea of Thieves is heading for open beta is barely shocking, but others have had better luck. Rare's latest video even confirms a few, even though it focused on in-game lore.

In the video, design director Mike Chapman says Sea of Thieves was designed in a way to immerse players into a world with a rich history. Scattered across the world are legendary adversaries, treasures, locations and to top it off, they are all featured, told or mentioned in Rare’s book Tales from the Sea of Thieves . He did point out however that the game has been setup to introduce players into a golden age of piracy, with the legendary pirates being more like pioneers than the norm. 

Rare A broken wooden dinghy on a sandy beach in Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves

Chapman confirmed the Order of Souls, which was data mined as well, and mentioned that the Order, Gold Hoarders and the Merchants’ Alliance will partake in the world, maintaining their respective interests. Players will be able to run errands for each of the factions, with the nature of errands reflecting the faction, i.e. money, stuff or the creepy stuff.

The brave miners uncovered a “PirateGenerator” tied to customization features as well, suggesting a pirate customization screen it'll be fun to see what kind of ridiculous bling players come up with. With the game still being down pending aforementioned open beta, fans seem to have taken to data mining, so expect the trickle to turn into a stream soon enough. Just in case you forgot, the game is on track for 20 March 2018 launch.

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