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Sea of Thieves' huge Anniversary update adds The Arena

Published: 13:39, 30 April 2019
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Sea of Thieves Anniversary update

Rare and Microsoft are finally introducing another big batch of content to Sea of Thieves in today's Anniversary Update. The biggest additions in the new update are certainly the competitive mode The Arena and new Tall Tales story.

Rare's pirate-themed online action adventure Sea of Thieves is finally getting the much-anticipated Anniversary Update that is set to add a boatload of new content, including new game modes, stories, missions and adventures on both land and restless sea. 

Sea of Thieves servers are down at the time of writing for regular maintenance and the introduction of Anniversary Update but once they go live again on 4 PM BST, players will get to start exploring everything that the new update has washed up on the shore.

The Arena is Sea of Thieves' brand new competitive mode which brings battles to sea and land. You and your crew will fight the enemy for bounty and rewards. The Arena will differ from the current PVP modes with its smaller, condensed maps, which will force players to be aggressive and fight up close, rather than delay the action. Rare hope that the new mode will attract those who are looking for a good fight and a lot of loot to confiscate.

On top of this addition, the Anniversary update is also introducing a new Trading Company known as The Hunter’s Call. Here, you'll be able to learn how to fish, cook and hunt. Once you become a pro fisherman and hunter, you can cook the meat and use it to heal your pirate effectively or sell it for the coin.

The Hunter’s Call will also reward pirates who cook up great food, catch the rarest fish and hunt down exotic animals. You can earn gold or special rewards such as various designs for your fishing rods and more.

And last but not least, Tall Tales - Shores of Gold takes pirates through a series of interconnected tales in which you will search for a mythical lost island. You'll acquire ancient artefacts, enchanted items and more on this journey.

Shores of Gold will also add new enemy types such as Skeleton Lords and Rare describe them as "big, tough and full of surprises".

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Check for more details on the new update.

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