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Sea of Thieves developers reveal Skeleton Forts, you're going to need a bigger boat

Published: 12:25, 23 February 2018
A cloud resembling a skeleton head with glowing eyes looming over the horizon
Rare: Sea of Thieves

Rare's swashbuckling adventure Sea of Thieves is in the final stretch running up to the 20 March 2017 launch, and the devs are making sure to keep them tidbits coming so as to keep us hungry and coming back for more.

Aiming to provide a multitude of options for players to explore during their voyages, Rare's developers came up with yet another concept - Skeleton Forts. Expect company though, for better or for worse, because the the skull shaped cloud can be seen for miles in the world of Sea of Thieves.

Rare A derelict fort in a cove on a moonlit night Rare: Sea of Thieves

These will pop up at random all around the map, albeit one at a time and although they'll be worth it, don't think you'll have it easy. Even after you've defeated the horde of skeletons, for which you'll need a crew mind you, you'll still have the "boss".

Rare, in all their sneakiness, made sure that the resulting loot is aplenty. So aplenty in fact that you'll have to make a decision on what to do with what you can't carry, and you won't be able to carry it all in a single trip. Oh, I see what you did there. Even the name Sea of Thieves suddenly starts making sense.

Rare A pirate entering a cave with scattered treasure chests laying around Rare: Sea of Thieves

This sets an interesting dynamic where you've gotta have mates that you can trust, otherwise the entire voyage falls apart. You'll have regular distractions, where you'll have to decide on whether to steer off course or remain dead set on the mission ahead, making Sea of Thieves a truly emergent experience it seems.

From what we see, Rare has come up with a gorgeous game that looks to plot an entirely different course to the currently predominant trend for hard skill based gaming, i.e. the one that rewards motor skills and hand eye coordination. We're sure we'll know more by the time in launches, so stay tuned.

Sea of Thieves, Rare's swashbuckling adventure

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Sea of Thieves
Rare's Sea of Thieves promises serious fun in a meticulously crafted world.

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