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Gamepires roll out hefty SCUM update, with new weapons and gear

Published: 17:59, 28 September 2018
Night vision goggles and a ragged mask from the game SCUM
SCUM, new headgear

This week's SCUM update brings double the treat for the game's fans because not only does it bring plentiful additions like weapons, gear, taunts and the rest - it also brings news of Gamepires switching into overdrive with new features.

The company announced that they've started allocating more manpower to work on the features that the community is asking for, which includes "vehicles, fortifications, FOV changes and many more". As was the case thus far, SCUM will keep up the tempo of weekly updates. Onto the content then.

First up is the improvised handgun, which can be crafted from SCUM's basic survival skill. Make no mistake though, this little raggedy-looking contraption packs a particularly nasty punch as it uses .50 AE cal ammo. Its sibling on the picture below is called the improvised shotgun, which can be crafted from the medium survival skill, uses 12 gauge shells.

SCUM got two head gear pieces as well, which you've already seen on the above picture. Gamepires wrote that night vision goggles, on the left, can be found in military zone and it works like its real life counterpart - strap them on and go night-hunting like it's daytime.

As for SCUM's "handsome head apparel" on the right, it can be crafted by anyone and "it guarantees you all the ladies on the island." Ladies? Oh you sneaky sons of guns, I see what you did there.

Gamepires added around 30 caves to SCUM's island, which is a pretty clever way to expand playing space and provide some homely cover while you're at it. There are also 6 new taunts, including "The Finger", which I'm sure will be a hit with the fans. I mean, you've got to have "The Finger", right? It is universal language after all.

Gamepires Improvised handgun and improvised shotgun from the game SCUM SCUM, improvised handgun, improvised shotgun

There's a bunch of optimisation as well, including LODs for Factory, Prison, Refinery and Airfield. What this means in the field is that scoping the location will no longer show air-walking people and the general performance will be improved.

As usual, there's a number of minor graphics, audio and other fixes, which you can find in SCUM's patch notes .

SCUM, survival battle royale by Gamepires and Croteam

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

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