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SCUM sells 250K copies in 24 hours, dev promises more updates

Published: 13:14, 31 August 2018
A character from the survival battle royale game SCUM

SCUM's rapid rise to prominence can now be confirmed with numbers, as Gamepires' game has managed to sell 250 thousand copies in less than 24 hours on the market. The dev tweeted they're thankful and that there are many updates to come.

In case you've had a go at SCUM, this probably doesn't come as a surprise. All the hype surrounding it is more than justified because a 17 man team that are Gamepires has done awesome work, coming up with a game that offers DayZ and PUBG in a single package, and then some.

Granted, the relatively unexpected surge in popularity came at the expense of server strain, which resulted in SCUM's netcode deficiencies being brought to the fore somewhat seriously. Nevertheless, the dev promises that this too will change and that they're hell bent on delivering the best survival game out there.

When I say relatively unexpected, it's probably a half-truth because SCUM was a well thought out concept that was always going to make it big. However, I'm fairly certain that not even Gamepires or their production buddies at Croteam anticipated this sort of response, which has truly been magnificent.

I mean even the pooping mechanic has been implemented in a hilarious yet practical manner, with an equally hilarious catch if you've bought the Supporter's Bundle. Namely, SCUM supporters' first pooping session will produce a useful item, such as scissors or pineapple, both of which I've seen passed by Sacriel, a prominent Twitch streamer who's jumped aboard the SCUM train.

Yeah, I know, painful right? But guess who's got scissors and a pineapple? And you can bet they've been put to good use too, as the world of SCUM isn't quite a friendly place to run around in.

Gamepires A man with a helmet and large backpack sitting on a log SCUM

Ultimately, even customers who purchased SCUM are aware that an Early Access game cannot be perfect and all seem to agree that if Gamepires fix the fidgety netcode - we're looking at a serious contender to one of the best games 2018 produced. Graphics is already stunning and game features are aplenty, with more to come yet.

Here's to the dev keeping up the good work - may we see another 250K soon.

SCUM, survival battle royale by Gamepires and Croteam

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

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