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Gamepires teasing SCUM vehicles, fortifications and new POI

Published: 17:10, 07 November 2018
Newly added point of interest in Gamepires' survival game SCUM
Gamepires, SCUM, new POI

Gamepires have posted an update on what SCUM's development team are doing at the moment and as it happens, they're busy tweaking the much-awaited vehicles and fortifications although they didn't provide the exact date when they'll be added.

They did confirm however that "car development is in full swing", providing the teaser you can see above. However, they stopped short of giving an ETA because admittedly anything can happen in game development. Soon is good enough then and now we know we'll have at least one jeep in there.

As for SCUM's fortifications, Gamepires claim to have started working on them only recently, since they "have a bit of a bigger system in plan than intended that includes fame points spending and making stuff yours". They added that there's a lot to do in implementing fortifications and the team want them to slot in seamlessly, without breaking the rest of the game.

Gamepires also said that their work on Robin Hood component of SCUM isn't over yet, since there will be more bows that will require different strength to operate to their best capacity. With that in mind, SCUM will get the archery skill, which will encompass crafting better bows, arrows "and more".

Completing today's tease session is SCUM's new point of interest that's in the works at Gamepires, and we're looking at a few hangars of some sort. Looks like an interesting area to duke it out but once again, we haven't been given a specific time frame when it will launch.

SCUM's developer is also working on implementing Nvidia's DLSS technology, which in a nutshell doubles your antialiasing performance at no hardware cost, thanks to some clever engineering. Gamepires insist there's no need to worry for it impacting development time, "so you can stop biting your nails."

Gamepires Gamepires' tease of vehicles in SCUM Gamepires, SCUM

The development update notes also announced a hotfix for next week, which will be bringing a bunch of fixes and quality of life additions. You can read SCUM's development update in full on the game's Steam page .

Gamepires New point of interest in Gamepires' survival game SCUM Gamepires, SCUM, New POI

SCUM, survival battle royale by Gamepires and Croteam

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