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SCUM update brings gifts - golden Desert Eagle and Nice Watch

Published: 14:43, 18 September 2018
Updated: 20:20, 18 September 2018
Golden Desert Eagle from Gamepires' survival shooter SCUM
SCUM, golden Desert Eagle

As promised, Gamepires' latest update to survival shooter SCUM brings gifts for the community, in celebration of surpassing 1 million copies sold. Everyone gets the golden Desert Eagle, while the Nice Watch is for Supporter Pack owners.

Not that it took a rocket scientist to figure it out, but we've that we'll be getting a golden Desert Eagle, although Gamepires still fooled us somewhat with the calibre. SCUM's last patch added the .357 ammo, even though no gun could shoot it at the time, leading us to assume the obvious. It turns out we were only partially right though.

The golden version of Desert Eagle will be using the mighty .50 cal, which is perhaps only fitting for a celebratory version of a weapon we're likely to see a lot. However, today's SCUM patch adds a silver version of Desert Eagle as well, which can use the Magnum-famous .357 and the aforementioned .50. Ouch in advance.

Along with the Eagles, Gamepires will also be gifting SCUM's Supporter Pack owners with a nice watch called the Nice Watch. At the moment, it's just a device to tell time but the dev promises more functionality in the coming months. Peculiar choice of the displayed time though - must be past work hours or something. Or something.

As for the patch, Gamepires increased SCUM server tick rates and tweaked a bunch of things related to client/server performance. There's also the #SetTime command, which is pretty self explanatory and follows the modifiers added earlier, where admins can control the speed and duration of day and night cycles.

Gamepires added Atlas LODs (level of detail) for Factory Hangar 01 and Jail Workshop, as well as Atlas and bake LODs for Silo Factory and Hangar to Chimney bridge. As the patch notes state, some materials have been edited and some textures added.

Gamepires Nice Watch, a gift watch for SCUM's Supporter Pack buyers SCUM, Nice Watch. Oh I'm late, look at the time!

Radius of footstep sounds has been decreased while grenades will now have a distinct sound when hitting the ground. Although a bit lighter than earlier patches, there's still plenty of tweaks and fixes, all of which you can find on SCUM's full patch notes .

Now bring on 2 million!

Gamepires Closeup of the golden Desert Eagle from Gamepires' shooter SCUM SCUM, golden Desert Eagle, up, close and personal

SCUM, survival battle royale by Gamepires and Croteam

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