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Rumour: Sony is teasing new Killzone game in the PS5 UX video

Published: 11:30, 16 October 2020
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Screenshot from Killzone: Shadow Fall, a PS4 exclusive game
Killzone: Shadow Fall

Was Sony teasing a new Killzone game in the yesterday's PlayStation 5 User experience demo? Well, there are only a couple of hints in the video, but it's more than enough for some fans out there.

Sony seems to have tickled the imagination of some Resetera users with a couple of cute Killzone details skillfully incorporated into the PlayStation 5 UX demo, which we had a chance to see yesterday.

What is it about? Well, Sony have decided to display the Login screen with a Killzone avatar, and that wouldn’t be weird because it’s an old avatar that was available before, but when you put the Scotty Kenzo name under that KZ avatar, you are about to arouse the imagination of many Killzone fans.

Why is Scotty Kenzo name so important? Well, a character named Sgt. Kenzo Hakan appears in the Killzone series. Hence the link to Scotty Kenzo.

Helghan Empire Sergeant Kenzo Hakan appears in an audio log in which he "leaks" some information about another character from the game.

Sony Interactive Entertainment PS5 Login screen showed in the PS5's UX demo video New Killzone game teased by Sony in the PS5 UX video?

Not everything is a tease, and all of this doesn’t have to mean anything, but it’s nice to see fans having fun with these kinds of assumptions. Who knows, maybe Sony is really trying to tell us something.

The new Killzone game would make us so happy. The series has been literally dead for the last 7 years. The last game in the series is Killzone Shadow Fall, which was the launch title for the PS4.

When it was originally introduced back in 2013 in a PS4 reveal event that took place in February 2013, the visuals we saw at the time were something unbelievable. Guerilla Games are virtuosos when it comes to graphics and KZSF was a real system seller with next-gen graphics.

The game had a solid campaign and a quite fun Online Multiplayer mode, in which we spent many hours. What we are missing on the launch of the PS5 console is just the new Killzone game that will raise the bar once again.

What's certain is that fans are ready for the new Killzone game, and so are we, but Guerilla Games are probably fully focused on the next Horizon game, so we'll just have to be patient and have fun with "teases" like this one until then.

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