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Killzone's official site is shut down. Is this the franchise's end?

Published: 13:19, 09 January 2021
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Screenshot from Killzone: Shadow Fall, a PS4 exclusive game
Killzone: Shadow Fall

The official site for PlayStation’s shooter exclusive Killzone -, has been shut down, and many believe it’s the end of the franchise as Guerrilla Games is dedicated to Alloy and Horizon Forbidden West.

The future of the Killzone series has been called into question after Guerrilla Games decided to shut down the official website forever. They left an explanation on the page, which says:

Dear visitor,

The official website for the KILLZONE franchise has retired. Going forward, visitors to will be directed to

While this change doesn’t affect the online multiplayer modes, player statistics or ranking data for KILLZONE MERCENARY and KILLZONE SHADOW FALL, it is now no longer possible to create or manage clans in KILLZONE SHADOW FALL. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Thank you to’s many fans and visitors throughout the years for their enthusiasm and support.



Many fans have already written off future Killzone games after this move, although they secretly hoped that with the release of the PS5 console, some announcement for an exclusive next-gen shooter would arrive.

The last Killzone game was Killzone Shadow Fall, which was a PS4 launch title. Many had hoped that Sony would release the new Killzone with the PS5 console but apparently, all the focus is on the new Horizon sequel, Forbidden West, which is a sequel to the latest Guerrilla Games' hit Horizon Zero Dawn. 

Guerrilla Games studio is one of many Sony's 1st party studios, in charge of producing high-quality system-seller games, titles that will push the boundaries of visuals on their hardware. That was the case with the Killzone 2 game, which delighted everyone with its graphics on the PS3 console. 

Killzone 3 was also one gem with its brilliant lighting implementation, and with Shadow Fall they managed to leave everyone breathless when they showcased gameplay at the PS4 reveal event. 

Whether Sony have given up on the Killzone franchise is hard to believe, but we wouldn’t be surprised. Killzone games have always had a special heart among PlayStation fans, and hopefully, this isn’t the end of this long-running franchise after all.

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