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Rumour: Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be showcased at the PlayStation 5 event

Published: 19:17, 01 June 2020
Updated: 19:18, 01 June 2020
Guerrilla Games
Horizon Zero Dawn

Looks like Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be featured at the PlayStation 5 showcase. A couple of tweets by Guerrilla Games employees have teased an announcement but the tweets have since been deleted.

Horizon Zero Dawn claimed the hearts of many when it came out back in 2017. A sequel for Guerrilla Games' futuristic adventure is highly anticipated and, as it turns out, it might be unveiled soon.

Sony' PlayStation 5 showcase event will surely churn out a bunch of news about a host of different games that will take advantage of the system's horsepower. If the recent (since deleted) tweets by a couple of Guerrilla Games employees are anything to go by, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is coming to PlayStation 5.

Horizon Zero Dawn Senior Quest Designer, Blake Rebouche, posted on Twitter following Sony's announcement of the PS5 showcase.

Twitter Blake Rebouche - tweet Blake Rebouche - tweet

Rebouche's tweet was deleted soon after posting.

Guerilla Games' Lead Animator, Richard Oud sent out a similar tweet telling the fans to mark their calendars. The second tweet was also swiftly deleted. 

Twitter Richard Oud - tweet Richard Oud - tweet

There is one tweet that's still around - the one made by the official Horizon Zero Dawn Twitter page .

The official account just retweeted PlayStation's announcement with a couple of cryptic emojis. 

First-party games will be the focal point of Sony's PlayStation 5 exhibition - this was confirmed by Jim Ryan’s PlayStation Blog post. With this in mind, it wouldn't be a huge surprise to run into a Horizon Zero Dawn 2 announcement on the day.

A recent job listing made by Guerrilla Games mentions the upcoming game and shows that the company is looking for a "Technical Vegetation Artist" who will be charged with building 3D models from scratch.

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