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League of Legends player Thebausffs gets suspended by Riot for intentional feeding

Published: 16:30, 12 April 2023
Riot Games
Thebausffs got banned for 14 day due to intentional feeding
Thebausffs got banned for 14 day due to intentional feeding

If a player accidentally feeds in one game, the automatic banning system usually does not trigger. However, if the player consistently feeds in most matches, they will be banned, typically for 14 days.

League of Legends is notorious for its toxic player base, with disruptive behaviors like harassment, scripting, going AFK , and intentionally feeding being common. 

These behaviors can be not only annoying but also frustrating to play against. In response, Riot takes action by suspending or banning players who engage in such activities.

One form of disruptive behavior is intentional feeding, where a player repeatedly and purposely allows themselves to be killed by one or more opponents, giving the enemy team a significant advantage in the form of free gold and experience points.

One content creator, known as Thebausffs, has been repeatedly suspended for intentional feeding despite his unique play style, which involves constantly push-dying as AD Sion. 

While this strategy helped him reach challenger rank in multiple regions, he has received many suspensions. Most recently, he received a ban after going 1/17 on Rammus.

During Thebausffs' recent match, he chose to play Rammus in the top lane against a Rumble. However, he faced a lot of harassment during the laning phase and struggled to farm effectively. Within 16 minutes, he had already died 13 times and failed to secure any kills or assists.

Despite finally getting a kill in the 17th minute, thanks to an inting Senna, he hoped it would be enough to prevent his account from being suspended. Unfortunately, around 11 minutes after the match ended, he still received a suspension.


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