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Respawn will remove Omega Point Pathfinder from some accounts

Published: 00:09, 28 February 2019
Respawn Entertainment
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Respawn Entertainment announced they will remove Omega Point Pathfinder skin from some accounts. This is a Twitch Prime exclusive and it was supposed to be only available to those who subscribe, but an exploit made it widely available.

Apex Legends and Twitch promotion kind of ended in a failure temporarily as the bonus loot boxes and Pathfinder's exclusive skin were made available for free due to an exploit. Players on their Origin account and receive five loot boxes on top of the free skin.

In our coverage of the exploit, we mentioned that account safety is not guaranteed should the players decide to obtain the skin by these means as some gaming companies have been known to ban players for doing so. It seems like Respawn found a different way to deal with the issue as they will not be banning anyone, but simply taking away the skin if players received it due to the exploit instead of subscribing to the Prime service.

The announcement doesn't mention anything about the loot boxes, but Respawn and EA will presumably let this slide as fixing this issue without banning anyone would be way more complex as each loot box offered different cosmetics on what is probably a massive number of accounts. Tracking each cosmetic and removing it would take more time than the fix is worth.

It is noteworthy that Respawn and EA apparently decided to admit their fault with the execution of promotion with Twitch and refrained from banning players as the issue was obviously on their end. One would think that simply using the developers' miscalculation would never end in players being banned, but historical cases .

Respawn Entertainment Picture of the Twitch Prime rewards in Apex Legends Apex Legends - Twitch Prime rewards

Aside from taking Omega Point Pathfinder from those who obtained it by somewhat shady means, Respawn Entertainment pushed another change in the same patch as some PC crash issues should be resolved. You can check out all the changes and planned updates in the .


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