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Rainbow Six Y7S3 operator Grim leaks, just a day after Sens reveal

Published: 23:40, 23 May 2022
Rainbow Six Siege cover art
Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft's info has leaked once again and now we know almost everything about the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege uperator.

Rainbow Six Siege will introduce a new operator, with callsign "Grim" in Y7S3. His name was known for a while but the other details didn't leak until one day had passed from the official reveal of Sens, who had also previously leaked , just like Azami beforehand.

In any case, many thought that Grim would be the character from Splinter Cell, who had been Sam Fisher's tactical support for a long time but this was not meant to be. Those who followed the details knew so already since this operator hails from Singapore.

Grim is another attacker hailing from Nighthaven but his unique gadget and speed/armour ratio were not among the leaks from Zer0Bytes . The loadout and Grim's appearance are visible in full though.

He will be sporting 552 Commando and M1014 as primary weapons, allowing him to be effective at various ranges. These weapons will be complemented by the P9 sidearm, usually carried by French operators.

Just like Sens, it appears that Grim will be using Hard Breach Charge and Claymore as the side gadgets. This will give attackers yet another option for breaching and opening new pathways across the maps, hopefully making the game more dynamic in the process.

ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Vector Glare Operation Vector Glare was only recently revealed in full

This leaves only the Colombian operator a mystery for the entirety of Y7 and Grim himself is pretty far away from release as season shifts take months.

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