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Rainbow Six Siege: Players are not happy with Sens' POF-9 assault rifle

Published: 13:18, 16 June 2022
Rainbow Six Siege - Sens
Rainbow Six Siege - Sens

Rainbow Six Siege players feel Sens' assault rifle is underwhelming in several key aspects including damage, recoil and RPM. 

Operation Vector Glare officially arrived in Rainbow Six Siege earlier this week, introducing a brand new Operator named Sens, equipped with an assault rifle POF-9 and R.O.U. Projector System gadget. 

Just a couple of days after the update went live, players have started to voice their disappointments with the Sens's weapon, which they found to be very underpowered and useless due to its high recoil, especially on consoles.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege - Sens Rainbow Six Siege - Sens

Players point out that the assault rifle is low damage, low RPM with a huge recoil which is plenty of cons for a low-speed operator which is Sens.

"They've taken all the worst parts of both ARs and SMGs and put them in 1 gun. The only thing good about it is the 50-round mag," writes Redditor ultrajvan1234

Some suggest that buffing the damage of the weapon and reducing the recoil would at least make it a decent gun. "Buff the damage by 5-7 damage and make the recoil like the v308 and it would be a decent gun,"  Johnnybulldog13 says.

Interestingly, PC players are not the ones complaining about the recoil as it seems that only console players are having to deal with too much recoil due to controllers. 

As for Sens' gadget, players find it usable, which is not ideal but at least is not as bad as the assault rifle. 

At the time of writing, it doesn't look like players are big fans of the new Operator so it will be interesting to see if Ubisoft take their feedback into consideration and improve some of the mentioned balancing issues.

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