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Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 new map and Warden Elite skin leak

Published: 13:30, 03 August 2022
Updated: 13:56, 03 August 2022
r6 siege artwork showing warden operator with blue glasses
Rainbow Six Siege's Defending Operator Warden is getting a new Elite skin in Year 7 Season 3 according to leaks

Rainbow Six Siege leaker Zer0bytes has shared a new video, showcasing Warden Elite skin and a screenshots of a new work-in-progress map. 

A brand new skin for Rainbow Six Siege operator Warden has surfaced online thanks to leaker Zero0bytes. The leaker posted a short video with the new skin, as well as a new map which could be coming to the game in the Year 7 Season 3 update.

Warden Elite skin depicts him in a sky blue Hawaiian shirt with slack and a fancy white hat. The animation shows Warden making and enjoying cocktails on a beach bar. 

In addition to a brand new Warden Elite skin, the video also includes first shots of what appears to be a brand new map. 

The leaker only included the map in a couple of frames so make sure to pause the video so you can have a good look at the new location or you know, read on for the screengrabs of the map that we've included below. 

Zer0Bytes Rainbow Six Siege - New Warden Elite Rainbow Six Siege - New Warden Elite skin sends him to a warm place to make awesome cocktails

The new map building is set on a beach and seems to be some kind of fancy, expensive complex with a helicopter landing spot, and modern architecture. It reminds us of certain modern buildings in Ubisoft's other shooter Ghost Recon Breakpoint .

Zer0Bytes Leaked Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 map Leaked Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3 map is a fancy complex with a helicopter landing spot and plenty of spawn peek points

Ubisoft are expected to reveal Rainbow Six Siege's Year 7 Season 3 in the coming weeks since the rumoured launch date is set for September 2022. Year 7 Season 3 will be the 26th expansion for Rainbow Six Siege, which has been one of the most successful franchises for Ubisoft. 

Season 3 will introduce a Singaporean Operator along with a new map, and events as well as Ranked 2.0. For the second stage of Season 3, Ubisoft promise beta for Reputation Score Display and early restriction on voice and chat.


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