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PUBG is introducing a new map which will have faster matches

Published: 13:40, 01 April 2018
Spoof of the promotional image for PUBG showing a character armoured with four frying pans.

PlayerUnknown and Bluehole are releasing a new map for their Battlegrounds game. The map will be much smaller and faster. Testing begins on 02 April 2018 with limited access. PUBG is slowly rolling along the genre, but it's still hanging on

PUBG was for a time the most popular game for so many players. It even held the first place on Twitch's Most Popular section. Even though Fortnite appears to be taking over the genre, developer Bluehole Studios are continuing their support of the game with new maps and features.

The new map codenamed Savage will be a 4x4 kilometre map with a tropical setting. It promises much faster games with more of the excitement happening as player encounters will be happening more often. Savage isn't quite ready yet, but the testing will begin on 02 April 2018 and will end on 05 April 2018, with limited access.

PUBG Corp Screenshot of the new jungle map for PUBG, apparently set in Asia. PUBG - New map appears to have rice fields in the middle of it.

By 'limited access' we mean that players will require a Map Test Key in order to participate in games on the new map during the test period. We can expect the map to be released on live servers shortly afterwards. The more players join, the better the testing period will go, so don't shy away from trying it out.

Savage is half the size of the other two maps, Erangel and Miramar, which are both 8x8 kilometre maps with much downtime in the sense of travelling without encountering any other players. Such a slower playstyle agrees with certain players as they do not like the feeling of playing for 15 minutes but under complete stress, as opposed to 40-50 minute games they might play on the other two maps.

Bluehole, PUBG Erangel and Miramar in comparison PUBG - The two previous, larger maps, Erangel and Miramar

Erangel is the original map released for PUBG, featuring a setting on a pseudo-Eastern European island with a couple of cities and mostly forests. Miramar is a wide, open, desert plain map where the endgame comes down to basically who has more medkits, better scopes and sniper rifles.

We expect the new Savage map to be released somewhere mid-May, as this testing is the map's early alpha test. Stay posted for further news about entering the alpha testing for Savage.

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