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PUBG leaks a ballistic shield and upcoming game modes

Published: 07:05, 19 May 2018
Screenshot of a ballistic shield that's coming to PlayerUnknown's Battlegroiunds
PUBG Ballistic Shield

PUBG leaks looked like a torrent in the past few days on Skin Tracker, since they leaked the upcoming ballistic shield on the picture above, two new game modes, golden tracksuit pants and correctly predicted Aviator Crate contents.

Skin Tracker has leaked a preview of the ballistic shield that is going to be introduced to PUBG at some point in the future. An interesting detail about it is that it's classified as a melee weapon, which could mean players will have to give up the pan if they want to pick up the shield. It may sound ridiculous, but from a balance point of view, it would make sense because having both a shield and a pan could make a player nearly impervious to bullets from two sides.

The "melee weapon" annotation also obviously implies that players will be able to bash each other with the shield. It will definitely be interesting to see how this new addition will fare in close quarters and especially building clearing. There are also mentions of two new game modes in the same tweet, one named "8 Man Squad Pistol Only" and the other is "BowMasters2018".

While the first mode is pretty much self explanatory, the question whether it's going to be deployed before the shield may be worth asking. Considering the mode will have eight man squads, it also means it will behave the same as the first eight man squad featured mode, where you will be able to queue up solo against squads, if you're itching to make big plays and feel like John Wick. Bow masters mode sounds like a tournament event but there is only the crossbow in the game so far. It makes one wonder if PUBG Corp are about to introduce more bolt or arrow fed weapons.

Bluehole Picture of a leaked cosmetic item that can be seen on PUBG Steam Market PUBG Steam Market

Finally, there is the mysterious that includes Golden Tracksuit Pants. Both these items are found in the game files, with the latter even popping up on PUBG's Steam Market, as you can see in the screenshot. Unfortunately, there aren't any visuals for either of them at the moment.

You can also check the preview gif with the rotating ballistic shield on

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