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PUBG offers compensations for false bans and adds battle pass

Published: 17:02, 20 June 2018
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PUBG Corp have announced a battle pass system, in this case called event pass, which will launch along with Sanhok map on 22 June 2018. A day later, Bluehole also announced they will be compensating players wrongfully banned for cheating.

Bluehole's official explanation for adding a battle pass is that they felt like the old system with loot boxes and trading didn't offer players opportunities to win rare items as much as they liked. Someone should pass them a memo on what the meaning of "rare" is. So they are adding a system where everyone will be able to get some items, but the rest will be locked behind a pay wall. On the bright side, people who do shell out their cash will have more guaranteed gains instead of gambling for rare items.

This is also the likely reason why trading got removed in the first place, on top of indirectly promoting cheating. The addition of a Battle Pass also hints that trading is now highly unlikely to make a return so making money on PUBG is pretty much a thing of past. The change didn't resonate well with fans apparently, as players are either asking for trading to come back or just straight up .

Switching from today's gloomy weather with high chance of negative feedback, we have Bluehole attempting to repair the damage in their playerbase caused by a high magnitude hammer-storm. Bluehole and PUBG Corp will now apparently offer compensation of 20.000 Battle Points for any players who were wrongfully banned "due to internal ban detection logic".

These refunds will only apply to players who logged into the game between 16 and 17 June 2018 so anyone who was wrongfully banned before that date will get zilch. 

PUBG Corp A gun with several yellow components from the game PUBG PUBG - Year One SCAR

Bluehole have their mistake and are hoping players will understand that it's not going to happen again. As it appears, players are aware the compensation is completely worthless since they can only buy crates for the currency, and will in turn need to spend money on keys for opening those crates.

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