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PUBG might ditch Event Pass as the first one "wasn't perfect"

Published: 16:47, 30 July 2018
Picture of the Sanhok Event Pass in PUBG
PUBG - Event Pass

PUBG might ditch Event Pass feature in the future as the first iteration was left hungry for success. Recently a representative from PUBG Corp hinted that Event Pass' future in the game is uncertain after a lukewarm community reception.

PUBG Corp aren't sure if players would welcome any more Event Passes following the one in Sanhok. It was shunned by a fair share of the community, due to badly crafted missions that promoted negative play.

While things like forcing players to get kills with bare hands are a challenge that might be perceived as bad by some, asking players to die in the red zone is a bad mission and will be perceived as such by just about everyone. It didn't help the Event Pass that a portion of the community blamed introduction of this feature for locking up the market either.

Whatever the reason, and there seem to be many, the folks at Bluehole were not happy with Event Pass' performance. According to the official statement though, "many players stood by PUBG Corp" meaning a decent amount of passes were still sold. They have also mentioned the company will "analyse things that didn't go too well in Sanhok", such as level of difficulty and depth of challenges.

When asked about whether they would make more Event Passes in the future, the representative responded that they were not sure as the team hasn't decided yet. This means that the feature could go away, after just one iteration and Brendan Greene's apparent intention of awarding cosmetics to players without having to gamble through loot boxes will go out of the window.

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The main problem is still that the game doesn't have a marketplace anymore, which is a feature fans actually want. Granted, there were other implications that eventually forced PUBG Corp's hand in shutting the trading down but leaving players without any transparency when it comes to purchasing cosmetics might make PUBG sink even deeper.

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