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Sanhok is back to PUBG for its final round of testing

Published: 19:05, 30 May 2018
Image of an AR 15 rifle on a table, next to a Sanhok postcard and a frying pan
PUBG - Sanhok postcard

Sanhok is returning for another run on PUBG's Experimental Test Server. Bluehole have announced the new testing run will take place from 31 May to 4 June 2018. Like in previous runs, Sanhok map will be available to any PUBG owners on PC.

PUBG Corp have announced this testing run via Steam, noting that this will be the fourth and final test before Sanhok gets deployed to live servers. Players who want to participate need to download the updated version of the PUBG: Experimental Server in their Steam library.

The exact time of testing start will be 31 May 2018 at 19:00 PDT for USA and 01 June 2018 for Europe and Asia. Testing will begin at 16:00 CET for Europe and 11:00 KST for Asia. Conclusion of the testing run will happen on 04 June 2018 for all regions, at 04:00 PDT for USA, 13:00 CET for Europe and 20:00 KST for Asia.

PUBG Corp didn't state that this testing run being final is etched in stone though, as their Steam announcement says that "This will likely be the final Sanhok test" and the map should arrive to PC live servers near the end of June 2018. The developers have also stated that they will keep updating the map even after launch, based on players' feedback.

This testing run was hinted at in a dev letter from 26 May 2018, which also stated that Sanhok will have a unique vehicle as well as a unique weapon tied to it, the same way Miramar has a unique muscle car tied to it. Sanhok's unique vehicle may not be a highway speeder, but it is definitely a nice representation of the Asian culture, which is also Sanhok's theme.

PUBG Corp A model of a vehicle from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PUBG

The weapon and the vehicle will not be present in Sanhok at launch, PUBG Corp have announced they will "drop sometime in the month after the map officially launches". Interestingly enough, PUBG Corp's Steam posts are no longer followed by a hail of ASCII banners saying "Region Block China".

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