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PUBG gets its first Steam discount, losing players much?

Published: 09:03, 20 June 2018
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PUBG, Steam's 3rd top earner

Greene and Co's decision to offer the first ever Steam discount on PUBG is not as straightforward as you may think and even though PUBG Corp says the reason is the milestone of 50 million sold copies, we all know the reason why it's there.

The discount brings the price down from $30/£27 to $20/£18, which amounts to a 33 percent drop. So, you can grab PUBCheap on Steam until 05 July 2018 and hopefully, you don't get the PUBCheat version, wink wink.

Now I may be wrong, but it feels as if PUBG Corp scraped together some sort of milestone only to justify the discount, without having to admit they're finally feeling the . Once you've removed the spin from their Steam announcement, you're left with 400 million registered players, only 50 million of which are PC and Xbox One users.

Having hit 5 million Xbox One players back in March, this leaves PUBG's PC version with some 45 million players. However, the game's PC numbers took in February 2018 and the population hasn't stopped declining since, at various tempos. 

By the end of the same month, PUBG concurrent users, which should've rung the alarm but the company seemed to insist on ignoring their playerbase over and over again. Cheaters running amok? How about we give you skins? Lousy performance? How about these skins? Can you please fix your game? Sure, but first, get a load of these skins.

With Fortnite steamrolling the game that started the whole battle royale craze, PUBG Corp seemed to make one bad decision after another. They even stooped as low as , which came at a time when discontent over the state of the game reached its critical peak. Needless to say, it didn't help with the population.

To make matters worse, I have a strange feeling Brendan Greene's got nothing to do with this, although he'll probably be blamed for everything by the same Blueholes who helped start it up. Don't forget that it was him who had to answer to , with subsequent responses from the company making it seem as if he wasn't as close to the development process as you'd think. Again, I could be and hope I am wrong.

Steam Steam's stats for PUBG's population in the past six months PUBG, 20 June 2018

In sharp contrast to its PC counterparts, PUBG's mobile development team is obviously doing something right here. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see their constant communication with the community is reaping dividends and then some. Make no mistake - Tencent's ingenious solution to PC players emulating PUBG Mobile by offering them PUBG Mobile is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now I'm not evil and I'd never wish for PUBG or Brendan Greene to fail. Quite the contrary, I really hope it helps with their numbers but the users they attract will find the same mess that made others leave. Or maybe they just needed more skins?

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