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PUBG's winter map will be mid-sized, coming in winter 2018

Published: 19:13, 14 June 2018
The few people that didn't switch to Fortnite are hiding behind a shield in PUBG

PUBG Corp and Bluehole are continuing with big development leaps for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and the latest announcements for the future content are in the game are the addition of ballistic shields and a new map in a winter setting.

PUBG's trailer from Microsoft's E3 press conference mainly contained the regular sights of battle royale carnage, spiced up in a neat little box with "This will never happen in an actual match" label on it. The trailer offered some useful information though, such as Sanhok's scheduled release in summer 2018 for Xbox One. PUBG Corp later also announced that the map is coming to PC on 22 June 2018.

The juiciest bit landed at the very end of the trailer though, with a teaser of a new snowy map. PUBG Corp have already stated that the map is early in development and will likely come during winter 2018/2019. They have also stated that the map will feature some mechanics revolving around the snow on the terrain. This probably means cars sliding instead of breaking immediately. 

In an with PC Gamer, Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene spoke a little bit more about the map, confirming the map will be medium sized - smaller than Erangel but bigger than Sanhok. That said, the possible "size window" is between 8x8 and 4x4 kilometers which is still pretty inconclusive. Apparently PUBG Corp took to making smaller maps as the 8x8 maps take "inordinate amounts of time" to create.

PC Gamer also enquired whether the footsteps will be visible just like in the teaser but Greene couldn't confirm it. He stated that the developers would like to incorporate such a system but he couldn't confirm it just yet because the map is too early in the making

Bluehole Some person is running around in a red shirt with a gun in her hand PUBG

I'm personally rooting for shooting people while snowboarding but that dream may not come true, other than in form of that that simply went bananas. 

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