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PUBG Mobile Update 2.2 now live; brings new map, new mechanics and more

Published: 14:52, 14 September 2022
PUBG Mobile's new Nusa map
PUBG Mobile's new Nusa map is vibrant, warm and ready for carnage

PUBG Mobile Update 2.2 which introduces a brand new Nusa map is now live across Android and iOS mobile devices. 

PUBG Mobile players can now download the latest Update 2.2, which brings a new Nusa map, new gameplay mechanics, weapons and much more.

Nusa is a 1x1 km vibrant map, set on a small but gorgeous island,  that emphasizes fast-paced matches. Krafton mentions in the patch notes that the map features an abundance of supplies including gear, weapons and ammo so it's safe to say that action-packed gameplay is what you should expect from Nusa. 

Also, make sure to update the game until September 20, to get 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and a Magical Night Helmet (3d).

Here are the highlights of the PUBG Mobile update 2.2:

  • New Map - Nusa: A new 1×1 km map with vibrant colours and an abundance of supplies. Designed for fast-paced matches
  • Erangel Updates: Newly added weather system and bicycle sheds, as well as structural updates to numerous regions, provide an even better combat experience!
  • New Mode - Gear Front: New mode with 8 skills to choose from launches for the first time on September 29! Plus, explore a medieval-themed area!


Additionally, the update adds three new mechanics including Special Recall, Zipline and Elevator. The last two are pretty self-explanatory while Special Recall allows you to respawn into the battle if you are defeated in the first four minutes of the match but still have surviving teammates. 

Two new weapons are Tactical Crossbow and NS2000 Shotgun, which is best for medium to short range.

For full details and patch notes, check out the official PUBG Mobile website.


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