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PUBG Mobile is getting War Mode, clans and achievements

Published: 09:43, 25 July 2018
Picture of people parachuting to a murder zone in PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

Tencent and PUBG Corp have announced a new update to PUBG Mobile which adds War Mode, clans, achievements, more skins of course and SLR to the game. At this point it seems PUBG Mobile is getting more love than the PC and Xbox One versions.

Players will get a taste of War Zone mode in PUBG Mobile now as well, after it was well received in PC. War Mode is basically just a fancy name for Team Deathmatch where players get thrown into a small part of the map with weapons and gear already in their inventories.

The mode's high octane action proved to be a welcome change from the intense and somewhat slow battle royale predecessor as the stakes are much lower, since a death doesn't mean you're out of the match. Just as any Team Deathmatch, War Zone lets players respawn indefinitely until one team reaches a winning condition.

In PUBG Mobile's case it will be when a team reaches 100 points. Players earn three points for killing an opponent, one point for killing a downed opponent and one point for saving a teammate. It remains to be seen how well the fast paced action will fare on mobile devices though, due to the obvious control scheme restrictions and possible bottlenecks when a device needs to render a bunch of players at the same time.

Other than War Mode, this update brought the clan system - players can now create and customise clans with clan icons. They can further utilise the system by working together to earn exclusive rewards by climbing in ranks and completing challenges. The rewards were not listed at the time of writing, but they are presumably weapon skins and clothing items.

PUBG Mobile will boast exclusive skins following this update as it added skins for player armour, weapons, planes and even vehicles. Other than weapons and parachutes, PC and Xbox One versions don't have any skins available.

Bluehole Spoof image of PUBG installed on a Nokia 3310. PUBG Mobile - Can we also get controls for the old school ''button'' phones?

SLR sniper rifle is not an exclusive though, as it has arrived after being live for months on PC. New achievements will let players earn rewards that are also not disclosed yet, but are presumably a part of the exclusive rewards mentioned above.

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