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PUBG Mobile wins Google Play's Users' Choice Award, hits gross revenue milestone

Published: 13:52, 14 December 2019
Tencent Games
Slide showing PUBG Mobile's awards in 2019
PUBG Mobile, congrats from AltChar!

Back when it launched, not many saw PUBG Mobile as anything more than a budget alternative to the real thing, but it doesn't get real-er than this - not only did Tencent and Lightspeed & Quantum Studio win Google Play's Users' Choice award, they're raking in the dough like crazy.

The news was posted by PUBG Mobile's Twitter account, which as you can see boasts winning it second year in a row and  being voted among the top games on Apple's App Store in 2019 too. Google's award was for the best competitive game, and it's pretty clear the dev is doing something right, and then some. 

One of SensorTower's recent reports pointed at PUBG Mobile's excellent 2019 performance, which actually helped them nail down a huge milestone - $1.5 billion in lifetime gross revenue. Moreover, 88 per cent of this figure came in 2019 alone, which is actually quite darn impressive. 

PUBG Mobile's Chinese version hit a couple of snags during its launch in China, both of them having to do with the Chinese government's crackdown myopia and consequently video games. It took quite a while for the game to be cleared for release but even then they had to make some changes, most notably to "Game for Peace". 

While probably not ideal for developers, the numbers don't seem to care about the changes as almost half of the all-time global gross revenue comes from China, around 40 per cent to be exact. Considering the launch date, again quite the feat. 

PUBG Corp. artwork showing snowy vista from pubg mobile PUBG Mobile's new update brings snowy vistas and cold winds

PUBG Mobile's big brother, on the other hand, seems to have been regressing all this time, because it's nowhere near its past glory, and most certainly not where they were expected to be, having kickstarted the entire battle royale craze. 
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