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PUBG Mobile - World Championship registrations now live

Published: 22:06, 06 January 2020
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PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has kicked off its official esports program for 2020. Registrations are now live around the globe. Players will be able to throw their hat into the ring until 21 January 2020. PMCO will kick off the tournaments on 23 January.

PUBG Mobile's official esports program for 2020 is now live along with registrations for PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020. Players from around the world will have the chance to test their skills in acquiring the coveted chicken dinner on the way to the World Championship. 

The year-round esports tournaments will feature a total prize pool of ₤3,8 million. 

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2020 will support an amateur-semipro-pro as well as country-regional-world level in 2020. The PMCO will kick off the tournaments and all-level players are welcome. The PMCO will be followed by the Pro and World Leagues for professional players.

The best teams coming out of the various PMCOs will have the chance to qualify for the Pro-Leagues (PMPL) and World Leagues (PMWL).

The Pro-Leagues will feature select countries and regions and end in the World Leagues in May and October. Then, the top pro teams from around the world will meet to represent their respective regions. From there, the best-qualified will move on to the World Championship planned for December 2020.

Registrations are now live for everyone who wishes to test their skill (and luck) at the PMCO 2020 Spring Split. The enrollments will close on 21 January 2020. From 23 January until 2 February 2020, those who register will compete in online qualification matches, with winning teams qualifying to move on in the tournament.

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Recently, PUBG Mobile made headlines as during 2019. For comparison, the game made just ₤1.22 million in 2018.
You can download the game from Google's and Apple's .
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