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PUBG Mobile is January's top-grossing mobile game on App Store, Google Play

Published: 14:50, 11 February 2020
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PUBG Mobile

According to the latest figures from beancounters at Sensor Tower, PUBG Mobile had a great January 2020, notching up their fifth title of top-grossing mobile game on the App Store and Google Play, half of which came from Chinese players.

This amounts to upwards of $176.3 million in user spending, which is four times the amount they made in January 2019 - talk about great leaps forward. 

Out of this number, 52.8 per cent came from China, where PUBG Mobile goes by the name Game for Peace there. You may recall that the dev had to agree to with the Chinese government's guidelines following their crackdown on the mobile gaming industry over myopia concerns.

PUBG Mobile's second most lucrative market was the US, which made for 13.7 per cent, while Turkish players contributed 5.5 per cent. 

While there's no doubt that PUBG Mobile is a mobile force to be reckoned with, its January 2020 was greatly helped by the launch of Season 11. PUBG Corp rolled out a new Town map, Domination mode, returned the training map Warehouse and hosted War modes on Erangel. You can learn more about all the

It's a bit ironic that PUBG Mobile's big brother, the game that kickstarted the battle royale craze, can't even begin to compare to these figures. Alas, it's the age of mobile, and the added convenience of accessing games while waiting for a bus has been quite profitable for game makers. 

In fact, Activision Blizzard, the latter of which still insist they're a PC-first company, recently released Call of Duty: Mobile, which tipped the scales and made mobile .

PUBG Corp Picture of people parachuting to a murder zone in PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile

When it comes to mobile gaming, calling Tencent a publishing giant almost sounds feeble, as the second highest-earning mobile game in January was Honor of Kings. We're talking about $151.3 million in gross revenue, which is 25 per cent better than in 2019.

You can find .

PUBG Mobile, a mobile take on PUBG by PUBG Corp and Tencent

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