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PUBG announces 5.56 gun buffs, attachment nerfs

Published: 13:04, 30 September 2022
PUBG - M416 on display
PUBG - M416 on display

PUBG has numerous weapon changes on the way as the devs explained their thinking process in a blog post that promised some buffs and some nerfs.

PUBG meta has been leaning towards the 7.62 weapons in the past year which resulted in patches that buffed 5.56 guns and reverted the nerfs that were laid on the ever-popular M416.

These changes from the first half of 2022 resulted in a better spread in the gun usage among the players, with the dominance of Beryl being somewhat curbed as M416 once again started shining in certain moments.

Similarly, the buffs to the other 5.56 guns made them more popular but 7.62 counterparts still proved to be superior and the stats collected by the devs clearly showed the likes of SKS, M14 and SLR being more popular in the DMR class than Mk12 and Mini 14.

In the latest blog post, the devs noted they are looking for additional ways to promote the 5.56 weapons but this will not come in the form of a regular rebalance patch as it looks like Krafton will conduct an overhaul at some point in 2023.

Krafton PUBG - Mk 12 PUBG - Mk 12 is getting some love

Assault rifles, DMRs and sniper rifles will be the immediate focus in order to stabilise the meta but the rest of the guns will also see changes in order to bring about more variety.

Meanwhile, the team doesn't have the exact numbers on attachment usage which is why they will take this part slower and in smaller increments through the regular balance patches. Grips are getting rebalanced in 20.1, with Vertical Foregrip being the prime target for nerfing while the rest will be getting buffs.

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