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Escape from Tarkov: Did you know Field of View affects camera recoil?

Published: 17:22, 19 September 2022
Reddit user rusherOnReddit
Does FOV affect camera recoil in EFT?
Does FOV affect recoil in EFT?

Do you often find discrepancies in recoil when firing a specific weapon and seeing some streamer doing the same, but with far less recoil? Well, the answer may lay in the relation between FOV and camera recoil.

The camera recoil feature is not part of many FPS games, but it is a vital part of Escape from Tarkov The game itself strives for realism and having two kinds of recoil is Battlestate Games ' way of achieving even more of it. ​​

But while many players get familiar with camera recoil during their first or second wipe, what is still somewhat unknown information is that the camera recoil is tightly coupled with the player's Field of View setting

This connection does seem a bit odd, and the reason for its existence has never been officially discussed but is probably a way to even out the advantages that wider FOV provides.

Reddit user Turtvaiz FOV side by side comparison FOV side-by-side comparison

This prevents players from using wider FOV as a M.E.T.A. tactic and makes players decide between two options, both with trade-offs. 

A wider Field of view can help players be more aware of their surroundings and spot their enemies faster, but with the disadvantage of having larger camera recoil when shooting at them. The second combination is obviously the exact opposite: smaller awareness but a less twitchy camera while shooting.

This can be easily tested in the Hideout with the same weapon. Try setting the FOV setting to a lower value like 50, and then increase it to 75 and compare the results yourself. 

We would advise players to try both options, and the compromise of 60 as well in offline raids, and see which combination suits them the best.

Battlestate Games released an update today, but it doesn't include any changes on this issue, as Battlestate Games seem to see this as expected behavior and a non-issue. as they have never addressed the issue directly

The game is playable during the installation of the update (often meaning it's a smaller update), but raid times could be limited to 10 minutes on certain occasions.


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