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Project Cars 3 won't have pit stops, fuel usage or tyre wear

Published: 10:46, 27 June 2020
Project Cars 3 screenshot showing Cockpit view
Project Cars 3 - Cockpit view

Slightly Mad Studios, the devs of Project Cars 3 have confirmed that their upcoming racer will not have pit stops, something that fans feared since the official trailer. On top of this, fuel usage and tyre wear are also gone.

Project Cars 3 is set to be a major departure from the previous games in the series judging by the revealed trailer and gameplay. Many hardcore fans of the racing sim fear that the developer Slightly Mad Studios decided to go for arcadey gameplay instead of a full sim, which Project Cars series is known for.

One of the main reasons for this concern was the fact that all pit stop entries have been closed off in the gameplay and it looks like it will stay that way in the final release. Nick Pope, Principal Vehicle Handling Designer for Project Cars 3 explained this decision in the latest blog post.

He said that on top of closed pit stops, Project Cars 3 also does not feature tyre wear or fuel usage, which will certainly raise many eyebrows among the community.

"By removing tyre wear and fuel usage, we could in turn remove pitstops, which resulted in much closer and more consistent racing," Pope explained. "Thus, the whole process of getting to the part that matters most—the actual racing and driving of these amazing cars and their upgrades—became a far easier and more streamlined affair."

YouTube Project Cars 3 screenshot showing car race Project Cars 3

Furthermore, Pope said that these decisions have turned out great for the racing since players do not have to worry about fuel or tyres anymore. 

"There is no break in the action to stop for more fuel or new rubber. It’s pure racing action, and it’s just made Project CARS 3 into a much better racing-driver experience," he said.

Project Cars 3 is set to release on August 28, 2020, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Project Cars 3

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