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New Project Cars 3 gameplay showcases full sim settings

Published: 07:44, 06 June 2020
Project Cars 3 screenshot showing view from cockpit on interlagos track
Project Cars 3

Shortly after the reveal of Project Cars 3, the fans of the sim racing series have voiced their concerns about gameplay's arcadey feel. Fortunately, it looks like the game will have a ton of sim settings, which have been showcased in the latest video.

After a long wait, we finally got a first look at Slightly Mad Studios' Project Cars 3, which is set to release sometime during summer this year. However, fans of the franchise have not been over the moon with the first trailer and gameplay showcase. 

Judging from the footage, Project Cars 3 feels more like an arcade racer while the look has also been completely changed with high contrast and colourful HUD elements. Many players pointed out that the game looks more like Forza Horizon or Need for Speed than a Project Cars title, which always cherished realistic looks and gameplay.

Fortunately, it looks like Project Cars 3 will have a ton of settings for simulation mode. As you can see in the latest gameplay showcase below, the game looks completely different once sim settings are activated and the camera is locked to the cockpit view. On top of this, no HUD elements are present so you can enjoy the iconic Interlagos track in its full beauty.

Whether these sim settings will be acceptable to players or not, it remains to be seen. We doubt that Slightly Mad Studios would make a major shift towards the arcade racing but guess we will have to wait for the official release to be completely sure.

Project Cars 3 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Project Cars 3

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Project Cars 3

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