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Project Cars 3 will feature vehicle upgrades, here is how it works

Published: 11:59, 22 July 2020
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EA are stopping further development and investment in the series according to reports

In the latest development update over at Project Cars blog, the developer Slightly Mad Studios have detailed vehicle upgrades, a brand new feature for the popular racing franchise.

Project Cars 3, the upcoming racing sim from Slightly Mad Studios and Codemasters will be the first title in the popular series to feature vehicle upgrades. The developers have detailed this brand new feature in the latest development update over at Project Cars blog.

Nick Pope, Principal Vehicle Handling Designer said that with vehicle upgrades, players won't have to abandon their rides once they progress to competitions of a higher level. "You can treat it to a few new parts and keep enjoying it," he said.

As you race you'll earn credits which can be spent on parts to upgrade your rides. As expected, these upgrades can change your vehicle dramatically. For example, with the added horsepower, you can compete with fast sports cars or tune your ride to make handling easier.

David Kirk, Principal Physics Programmer, mentioned how these upgrades work using the underlying physics. For example, a suspension upgrade only affects the suspension components and setting ranges of the suspension. A weight reduction only reduces the weight, and maybe shifts the distribution of weight a little bit. A tyre upgrade only gives you better tyres.

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In the end, this is all tied together by the PIR (Performance Index Rating) system—the thing that keeps cars balanced when you upgrade them. However, adding lots of power to a front-wheel-drive car might not increase the performance rating as much as it would on an AWD car, because it simply can’t put the power down. But ultimately, the big number means faster cars while a small number means a slower car.

The game will also allow you to upgrade some all-time classics like RS1600 Escort as well as supercars like Koenigsegg Jesko. 

You can find more details about the upgrade system  here.

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