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Slightly Mad Studios share new designs for their upcoming console

Published: 13:41, 08 January 2019
picture showing concept design on mad box console
Mad Box

Just a couple of days after they revealed the first images of their Mad Box Console, Slightly Mad Studios shared several new design concepts. Additionally, SMS' CEO Ian Bell offered $10,000 and free games for the best console slogan.

Slightly Mad Studios recently plans to create a new console which should offer 4K gaming in 60 FPS. Dubbed Mad Box, the console would release in three years time and it would be "the most powerful console ever created" according to the company's CEO Ian Bell.

Just a couple of days after the initial announcement, Bell shared an of Mad Box which revealed custom water cooling, RGB lighting and an overall different design when compared to current consoles from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

The first design received a mixed response from Bell's followers so, this time, one of the new concepts has a more traditional console look. Concept 4 has options for horizontal and vertical mounts and one of the slides shows a couple of colour and pattern variations for the case.

It also features RGB lighting just like the first design and apparently there's an option for different lighting styles similar to other RGB products on the market. The main thing on Concept 4 would be its front display which on this early design shows info about games, music or movies. Also, front, back and side panels have fan shrouds which appear big enough for decent airflow.

Concept 3 is a bit different and looks like something out of Portal more than a video game console. It's smaller than Concept 4 and lacks proper breathing space for the fans, but hey, at least RGB lights are there. It better look good while overheating, right?

Bell confirmed that the Concept 3 design features standard cooling and the company is currently in talks with Nvidia, Noctua and other manufacturers for the potential hardware parts. The designs and available info suggest that Mad Box is still in very early stages as the company is currently exploring different concepts and options.

SMS picture showing two designs for Mad Box console New Mad Box concept designs

Additionally, Bell also offers $10,000 and free games for life to the mind which comes up with the best slogan for this Mad Box console. Apparently, he wasn't happy with "You'd be Mad to not buy the Box" idea from one marketing agency. But, seriously, who would?

For more info, you can take a closer look at Mad Box designs on Ian Bell's .

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