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Slightly Mad Studios share first look at Mad Box controller

Published: 19:41, 24 January 2019
Slightly Mad Studios
picture showing three variants of console controller
Mad Box Controller

Slightly Mad Studios' CEO Ian Bell shared some early concept designs for the Mad Box controller which features a LED touchscreen, two rear paddles and precision triggers. The studio is also planning to add a Bluetooth smartphone connection.

Slightly Mad Studios are continuing to reveal more info about their upcoming console dubbed Mad Box. CEO Ian Bell shared first concept designs of the new controller on his Twitter account and judging by the four pictures, the controller will feature a LED touchscreen, precision triggers and rear paddles along with a glowing Mad Box logo in the middle.

The biggest feature is certainly the LED touchscreen which can be used as a keyboard or to show game info, movies or music. In one of the pictures, the touchscreen is showing speed and gear info with a "boost available" notification which points to one of the buttons. There's also a camera button which is probably for taking quick screenshots.

A similar thing can be seen on the second photo which shows an "Eliminated" message with a respawn countdown timer and a chat icon. It's clear that with touchscreen and keyboard, Slightly Mad Studios are aiming for a more simple and quick solution to chat on consoles.

With these big touchscreens, the battery life is always a concern as some of Bell's followers pointed out. But, since the controller is currently in the early design phase it's understandable why Bell didn't offer any additional info on battery life.

SMS picture showing console controller Mad Box controller

Bell also confirmed that a "kick" function is planned which will allow players to turn off the RGB lightning on both console and controller. 

Just like when he officially revealed the Mad Box design, Bell was once again flooded with questions from his followers who wanted to know more about the products. Bell was asked if the team is planning to add smartphone compatibility which would allow users to see their messages and notifications on the controller screen.

Slightly Mad Studios' CEO replied that Bluetooth smartphone connection was something that they've planned from the start.

He also took the opportunity to announce Slightly Mad Studios' racing wheel dubbed The Mad Wheel which is coming soon.

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