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Project Cars 3 will be a revolution say Slightly Mad Studios

Published: 11:56, 29 July 2019
Bandai Namco
Project Cars 2

According to the Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell, Project Cars 3 will be a game-changer and revolution in the racing sim genre. Bell said that the game is already 200 per cent better than Project Cars 2 and he can't stop playing it.

Details about Slightly Mad Studios Project Cars 3 have been pretty scarce and the only bit of info that we know of is that the game is in early pre-production and a spiritual successor to Need for Speed Shift as confirmed by the studio's CEO Ian Bell.

However, Bell tweeted a couple of new details about the game on his Twitter account, which should make every Project Cars series fan excited. He said that Project Cars 3 is going to be a game-changer and a revolution for the racing sim genre.

"The next Project CARS is going to be a Revolution. Huge thanks to all of the team who are honing it to perfection. I might rightly be accused of being overly positive/optimistic on occasion, but this is a game-changer. It's epic already and it's one we'll ship when we're ready," Bell wrote.

Of course, many Twitter users started asking questions about the official reveal but unfortunately, Bell did not say much, he only confirmed that the announcement is coming "very soon" and that this area is controlled by the publishers. We assume that Bandai Namco will once again publish the game as they previously released Project Cars and Project Cars 2.

Furthermore, Bell also said that the game is still a racing sim even with some design decisions that have been made to make the game more fun. "It's very much a sim. The focus has been on 'fun' all around that 'sim' aspect," he replied to one Twitter user.

Last but not least, Bell once again praised the game by saying that it's already 200 per cent better than its predecessor Project Cars 2. "It's at least 200% better already. I can't stop playing it and I should be jaded at this stage," he concluded.

Slightly Mad Studios picture showin a sports car Project Cars 2

While the reveal date is yet to be confirmed, our bet would be on the upcoming Gamescom, where Project Cars 2 was heavily promoted in 2017.

Project Cars 2 - a racing simulator by Slightly Mad Studio

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Project Cars 2

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