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Here is eight minutes of Project Cars 3 gameplay

Published: 19:08, 04 June 2020
Project Cars 3 screenshot showing car race
Project Cars 3

Slightly Mad Studios have released first gameplay footage from their upcoming racing simulation Project Cars 3. The gameplay demo features races on two tracks and feels more arcade than previous games.

After many teases by Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell over at Twitter, Project Cars 3 has been officially announced earlier this week with a first teaser trailer. And while many fans probably assumed the gameplay reveal is still way off, Slightly Mad Studios have surprisingly showcased a good chunk of raw gameplay footage over at GameRiot YouTube.

As you can see in the video below, the game looks way different than its predecessors. The graphics are more colourful when compared to the overall realistic look of Project Cars 1 and 2. On top of this, the gameplay feels arcadey judging from the video, which is something that many players quickly noticed and mentioned in the comments.

Project Cars 3 certainly looks like the biggest departure in the franchise's history and it remains to be seen whether players accept this major shift in gameplay design. Ian Bell, the CEO of Slightly Mad Studios claims that Project Cars 3 will be 200 per cent better than Project Cars 2 and will not lose it's simulation side, quite the contrary, it will improve on it and make it more fun.

YouTube Project Cars 3 screenshot showing Cockpit view Project Cars 3 - Cockpit view

When asked if the simulation aspect of the game has been toned down in Project Cars 3, Bell replied: "Not a jot, it's been improved a lot. I think it's the best handling I've felt in a game since Big Mother Truckers."

Whether this is true or not, we will have to wait and see. Luckily, Project Cars 3 should be out in the next couple of months so we won't have to wait for too long to take this ride for a spin.

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