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Pokemon Go now allows you to gift event tickets to friends

Published: 06:20, 18 May 2022
Pokemon Go event tickets
Pokemon Go event tickets

Niantic announced that the trainers will now be able to gift Pokemon Go event tickets to friends, providing more accessibility for them. 

Pokemon Go Community Day for May 2022 will be the first event that will allow event ticket gifting for events with the Special Research associated with it. As a reminder, the May 2022 Community Day is starting next Saturday, May 21.

In order to purchase a ticket for someone and gift it to them, the friendship of you and the selected trainer will need to have the rating of Great Friends or higher.

The gifting process itself is pretty simple. First, you'll need to go to the in-game shop and navigate to the page of the event you'd like to purchase the ticket to, the same as you normally buy it for yourself. However, when the purchase screen pops up, you will now have two options to choose from - buying it for yourself or gifting the ticket to someone else.

Once you choose the "Gift" option, you can select a friend to send the ticket to. The friend needs to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Great or higher friendship rating with you
  • Can't have been gifted the ticket from someone else
  • Can't already own the ticket you're trying to send

After all of that is done, complete the purchase process the same way you would for getting the ticket for yourself. Gifted tickets are non-refundable.

Niantic Pokemon Go Community Day Geodude is featured in May 2022 Community Day

Currently, there is only the option to gift the special research story ticket for the upcoming community day but Niantic are working on integrating the rest of the tickets into the feature, including the Pokemon Go Fest event.

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