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Data miners have found Silver Pinap Berry in Pokemon GO

Published: 08:36, 23 August 2018
Poster for Pokemon GO event with new mythical Pokemon Celebi
Pokemon GO, Celebi

Pokemon GO trainers have been in full search mode since the second mythical Pokemon Celebi started prancing around on 20 August 2018, so we won't waste your time - six new Shiny Pokemon, Silver Pinap Berry and Johto Festival quests.

On a side note, data mining is growing into a niche role of its own, posing as somewhat of a sneak peek at upcoming features and this is not only the case with Pokemon GO. Perhaps the most popular current example of this would be Epic's Fortnite: Battle Royale and it seems like the company isn't even fighting it anymore.

Anyways, having cracked the Poke-files open, data miners uncovered the Silver Pinap Berry, which is yet to be officially added to the game. Even though Pokemon GO files reference to it as golden_pinap_berry, it has since been confirmed that the Silver variant is something different.

Described as a combo between the Pinap and Razz Berries and said to be the reward for one of the Special Research tasks, feeding the Silver Pinap Berry to a Pokemon will make it easier for trainers to catch them. It will also earn them more Candy when they do, with the exact amounts being two times the Candy and 1.8 times the capture chance, so not too shabby.

The miners also revealed the new Johto Festival field research quests as follows:

  • Johto Festival: Evolve {0} Sunkern or Natu
  • Johto Festival: Make {0} Excellent Throws
  • Johto Festival: Catch {0} Water Pokémon
  • Johto Festival: Win a raid
  • Johto Festival: Catch {0} Sunkern
  • Johto Festival: Make {0} Great Curveball

Also added to the game are six brand new Shiny Gen 2 Pokemon, namely - Natu, Sunkern, Pineco and their evolutions Xatu, Sunflora and Forretress.

Pokemon Company Pikachu and the Mythical Pokemon Celebi sleeping next to a tree stump Pikachu and Celebi

Other than having slightly altered colour schemes, you'll be able to tell Shiny Pokemon apart from the glitter animation. Niantic have already revealed that with Celebi being from the Johto region, you should expect a higher likelihood of his compatriots appearing. Interestingly, Niantic says that Celebi "appear only during peaceful times" so I think it's safe to assume Pokemon don't watch the news these days.

Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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