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Next Pokemon GO Community Day features gen 2 Cyndaquil

Published: 09:23, 07 November 2018
Pokemon GO, 10 November 2018, Community Day schedule
Pokemon GO, Cyndaquil

Even though Niantic may have their hands full with the launch of Ingress, they're not forgetting about Pokemon GO trainers, quite the contrary - there are plenty of additions and the next Community Day starring Cyndaquil approaches as well.

The event starts on Saturday, 10 November 2018, and lasts from11:00 am to 2:00 pm CET, so you may want to plan out your hunting times accordingly. Its star is Cyndaquil, a fire-type second generation Pokemon, one of three Johto starters.

The usual perks are still there so double the catch XP and stardust applies here as well. Additionally, should you evolve Cyndaquil past Quilava into Typhlosion, its final form, it will have learned the exclusive move Blast Burn.

At the same time, Niantic are currently hosting the Stardust Blast, which means Pokemon GO trainers get double the stardust from catching and hatching. The event lasts until Tuesday, 13 November 2018, so there's still ample time to stuff your virtual pockets.

Niantic recently announced  , which of course makes hatching eggs an infinitely easier affair. Moreover, if your device supports Apple's HealthKit or Google Fit, the feature will be able to provide you with your weekly fitness-based Pokemon GO achievements like distance, calories burned, etc.

Nope, still not all, because Pokemon GO trainers are also being treated to some Ingress-flavoured goodies of sorts. Trainers can catch glimpses of shiny editions of Cubone and Ponyta that sport colours green and blue, which are faction colours from Ingress.

Niantic Pokemon GO trainer walking down a path Niantic, Adventure Sync

Water-type Pokemon Buizel is also making the rounds in raid battles at the moment and trainers can hatch the dual-type grass/poison Pokemon Budew from eggs. As you probably know, Budew is a fourth generation Pokemon that evolves to Roselia and later into Roserade.

Back when they were releasing Adventure Sync, Niantic spoke how this is the first move towards implementation of many features available across their games offer. They recently reiterated this stance saying, "the engineering that goes into those features can then be more easily integrated into each of our games."

Pokemon GO Gen 3

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