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Pokemon GO Championship Series announced - will kick off in 2022

Published: 11:18, 07 October 2021
Pokemon GO Championship Series is coming in 2022
Pokemon GO Championship Series is coming in 2022

Trainers who want to be the very best can now compete for a spot in the first Pokemon GO Championship Series - coming in 2022.

Pokemon GO's Season 9 will be the biggest and most important one yet and we finally know why. Niantic recently announced that the Trainers' ranking at the end of this season carries so much weight because the first-ever Pokemon GO Championship Series is kicking off in 2022. Players all around the globe will get a chance to go into battle against the very best and earn an invitation to the 2022 Pokemon World Championships.

Pokemon GO Championship Series will be featured at select events (including Regional and International Championships) during its inaugural year. Trainers who manage to reach the top of the leaderboards at these events will be invited to the 2022 Pokemon World Championships, which will feature Senior and Master age divisions.

Pokemon Hub Pokemon Go artwork showing pokemon go logo Pokemon Go

 How to register for Play! Pokemon events

Sign-ups for the Play! Pokemon events will take place during a two-phase window. Those who climb through the ranks and end up in Legendary company in the current Pokemon GO Battle League season will be given the opportunity to register during a short early registration window, which will take place during the first few months of 2022. After this, Trainers of any rank are welcome to register for the remaining spots. 

Everyone has until Monday, November 29, 2021, to compete in the current GO Battle League season. The next GO Battle League season will allow entry to the second batch of live events.

Register for the events by linking your Pokemon GO account to your Pokemon Trainer Club account, obtain a Play! Pokemon ID and opt into the Play! Terms of Use.

More information about the event such as schedules, tournament format, prizes, account linking and more will be announced soon.

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