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Pokemon Go - 2019 in review

Published: 15:25, 31 December 2019
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Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was released in the summer of 2016. The game launched with approximately 150 species of Pokemon. Three years later, the number of species in Pokemon Go is closer to 500. During the years, the game has seen a number of updates and global events.

Since we now know what we'll be doing in Pokemon Go for the we can take a quick look back at the game's 2019 numbers. Maybe do a bit of comparing as well. Here we go.


In 2019, no less than 100 new Pokemon species have been added to the game. You could chuck your Pokeball at 116 distinct regular forms and 201 shiny forms. 

Due to 21 costume and 10 gender variants that got released during the year, 36 regular and 60 shiny modifications were made available in the game. 

The medals that became achievable for the first time include:

  • Sinnoh Gold
  • Unova Bronze and Silver

Additionally, all Johto-region Pokemon species were released, making Johto the second region to be possible to complete in the Pokedex - the first region was Kanto in 2018.


During 2018, 119 new Pokemon species with 147 distinct regular forms and 133 shiny forms were made available to Trainers everywhere. Moreover, 37 regular variants and 37 shiny variants were made available due to 9 costume and 24 gender alternatives. 

The medals that became achievable for the first time are:

  • Hoenn Gold 
  • Sinnoh Bronze and Silver.

All Kanto-region Pokemon species were released, and Kanto became the first region to be possible to complete in the Pokedex.

Battle in Pokemon Go Battle in Pokemon Go Pokemon GO


In 2017, Pokemon Go's world became home to 170 new Pokemon species. In addition, 195 distinct regular forms and 14 shiny forms were made available. Due to 9 costume and 59 gender variations, 63 regular variants and 4 shiny variants were made available.

The medals that became achievable for the first time are as follows:

  • Johto Silver and Gold.
  • Hoenn Bronze and Silver


Three years ago, 154 new species were released into the wild of Pokemon Go. There were 154 regular forms for the players to catch, but not one shiny Pokemon was released during the entire 2016. There were just 2 costume variants available. 

These stats come from a Reddit user who goes by the name of luizsouthier and you can check out his post right . It's really nice to see the game growing and its developers putting so much work into it. We at Alt Char wish the Trainers of the world a Happy New Year!

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