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PlayStation 5 Pro could cost up to $700, it's claimed

Published: 15:50, 23 May 2023
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PlayStation 5 fan made concept. We doubt the PS5 Pro console would look anything like this
PlayStation 5 fan made concept. We doubt the PS5 Pro console would look anything like this

The rumoured PlayStation 5 Pro console is quite the beast but it may end up costing around $700, which is a hefty increase from the standard model that we have at the moment. 

Rumours about PlayStation 5 Pro console have been swirling around for a while now and the most recent ones have given us more details about the hardware specs and new software solutions as well as the price of Sony's new console.

According to the information obtained by tech content creator Red Gaming Tech, PlayStation 5 Pro will be one expensive console. Apparently, the price could be up to $700.

"I've heard that it' was going to be very expensive. I've been given some reports of $600 to $700 and given what's going on at the moment, that's a lot of cash,"  Red Gaming Tech claims in his recent video.  

Additionally, the PlayStation 5 Pro is allegedly two times faster than PlayStation 5 base model in rasterisation and 2.5 times faster in ray-tracing performance and rocks AMD RDNA 3 GPU and Zen 4 CPU.

However, Red Gaming Tech also stated that there are some conflicting reports about the Pro model and whether the console is still being worked on so you should definitely take this information with a pinch of salt, just like any other rumour on unconfirmed information.

Sony PlayStation 5 is flying off the shelves but its users are not that keen on buying new games, according to reports PlayStation 5 Pro should be much faster than the standard model, according to rumours

As for the Xbox Series X "Pro" model, the insider states that Microsoft will probably launch their console after Sony, giving them the hardware advantage, similar to how they did in the previous generation with Xbox One X , which launched a year after PlayStation 4 Pro and was a much faster console. 

But again, this is nothing but rumours at this point so definitely don't take it as gospel and only trust the official information that comes from Sony and Microsoft. 

If PS5 Pro is indeed real, we might see it in the near future as both Sony and Microsoft usually release mid-gen products three years after the launch of the original model.


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