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Phil Spencer namedrops Avowed and Hellblade 2 among Xbox's upcoming titles

Published: 16:54, 04 May 2023
Hellblade 2 and Avowed seem to be the games coming right after Starfield
Hellblade 2 and Avowed seem to be the games coming right after Starfield

Microsoft Gaming boss Phil Spencer has teased Xbox's lineup of upcoming games, mentioning Starfield and Forza but also Hellblade 2 and Avowed, which still don't have release dates.

Following the disappointing reception of Arkane Studios' Redfall , Microsoft Gaming boss Phil Spencer appeared on the Kinda Funny Games podcast, where he talked about the state of Xbox and what the future holds for Microsoft's gaming division. 

Spencer gave a very interesting answer when asked about the games that Xbox announced years ago and whether we'll get to see them at the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase. First, he confirmed that some of the long-awaited titles will be at the showcase, so we could finally see State of Decay 3, Contraband , Fable , Perfect Dark and other announced games after many years of silence. 

Secondly, when talking about the upcoming lineup, Spencer mentioned the confirmed 2023 releases - Starfield and Forza Motorsport - but interestingly also namedropped Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 and Avowed , both of which don't have release dates.

This could mean that Hellblade 2 followed by Obsidian's RPG Avowed could be next in line to launch after Starfield. Rumours about Hellblade 2 potentially releasing in late 2023 were swirling around social media a while back but there's certainly nothing concrete yet in terms of the release date. 

As for Avowed, this one is rumoured for an early 2024 launch but these rumours are even more vague so take them with a grain of salt. We haven't heard anything about Avowed ever since the game was announced years ago but it's possible that we finally see it at this year's showcase.

Ninja Theory Senua's Saga: Hellblade II screenshot Senua's Saga: Hellblade II is highly anticipated by the Xbox fans

All in all, we are hopeful that both Hellblade 2 and Avowed will be at the show next month with new gameplay and perhaps official release dates. Such reveals would certainly be a highlight of the show. 


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