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Microsoft rumoured to be working on a native Xbox handheld

Published: 15:42, 26 April 2023
Logitech / Edited by AltChar
Xbox recently partnered with Logitech to include Xbox Cloud Gaming with Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld
Xbox recently partnered with Logitech to include Xbox Cloud Gaming with Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld

Rumour has it Microsoft are currently exploring the possibility of making an Xbox handheld, which would allow players to download and play games natively on the device.

Microsoft could finally enter the handheld gaming space with a native Xbox device, says Spanish Xbox insider eXtas1s. According to the information that the insider shared in his latest video (21:50), Microsoft's internal team are currently evaluating the handheld market to see if it would be feasible to release such a device in the near future. 

Apparently, one of the reasons behind Xbox's partnerships with Asus and Logitech for their new handhelds is to see if there is interest in a handheld device that comes with Xbox Cloud Gaming and Game Pass integration. 

If such a device would be in high demand, then Microsoft could decide to enter the market with their own handheld, which, according to eXtas1s, would be a native device like Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally, not a cloud-only streaming console.

Here's an exact quote from the insider (machine translation): 

"Xbox is actively working with a specific [internal] team to evaluate the opportunities for Xbox to make their own portable console."

Now, we already know that Xbox are working on new Xbox devices, such as the rumoured Keystone, which Phil Spencer accidentally leaked on his shelf . Keystone would be a streaming console, focusing on cloud services instead of running games natively. 

Xbox Gears franchise is one of the most iconic Xbox IPs Playing Xbox exclusives like Gears of War natively on a handheld Xbox could become a reality

On the other hand, Xbox fans have been more interested in a native handheld, since cloud games can be accessed in various ways including mobile phones. 

A native Xbox handheld that would allow us to download and play Game Pass titles and buy games on the Xbox store certainly sounds exciting. Hopefully, Microsoft give the ultimate green light for such a device. 

Anyway, since all of this is just a rumour at this point, we suggest you take it with a huge grain of salt until we get some solid information from Microsoft. 

Given that handheld devices are on the rise recently, it's safe to say that Microsoft might have something in the works but don't start the hype train until we get concrete details, which may not come anytime soon.


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