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Chrono Odyssey is a stunning next-gen MMORPG for PC and consoles; here is the first gameplay

Published: 17:04, 03 May 2023
Chrono Odyssey promises next-gen visuals and a vast open world to explore
Chrono Odyssey promises next-gen visuals and a vast open world to explore

Korean publisher NPixel have shared a lengthy gameplay trailer for their stunning new MMORPG called Chrono Odyssey, which is landing on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Every now and then we get a new game reveal that goes viral thanks to its visual presentation. The upcoming MMORPG Chrono Odyssey from the Korean publisher NPixel is one of those titles. Today, the publisher shared first gameplay footage of their next-gen title, which is set to arrive on PC , PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S . Sadly, there is no release date just yet.

In a four-minute trailer, we got to see the stunning world of Chrono Odyssey , hectic combat, and the game's unique feature called Chronotector, which is a time manipulation technique that can result in some spectacular combat moves. 

But don't let us tell you about that. Below, you'll find the gameplay trailer and other key details about Chrono Odyssey. 

Here is the Chrono Odyssey gameplay trailer in its full glory

The spectacular trailer really leaves an impression, especially if you're a sucker for MMOs and medieval setting.

Chrono Odyssey key features

  • An open world that reacts to player actions. Dynamic time of day and weather also present. 
  • Swordsman, Ranger, Sorcerer, Berserker, Paladin, and Assassin classes.
  • Each class can select two weapons for real-time switching.
  • A time manipulation ability called the Chronotector allows you to stop and rewind time.
  • Large, powerful bosses that require hundreds of players to unite.
  • MMO Raids - Real-time events for hundreds of players and co-op.

You can find more details about Chrono Odyssey in a blog post here. The dev team said they will be sharing more information as the development progresses further along.


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