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Path of Exile: Harvest to let players plant and harvest monsters

Published: 22:44, 02 June 2020
Grinding Gear Games
Huge monster from Path of Exile: Harvest
Path of Exile: Harvest, hey there little guy!

Grinding Gear Games rolled out a trailer for Path of Exile: Harvest, showing some of the upcoming additions like your own living gardens that can be harvested for life force and unique rewards.

Path of Exile: Harvest is scheduled for launch on June 19, 2020, and you can rest assured this is no Farmville. The new expansion has far more sinister overtones, and it's quite an exciting concept.

"In Path of Exile: Harvest, Oshabi is cultivating the Sacred Grove, an ancient garden of mysterious power. Plant seeds that grow into dangerous enemies and craft their Lifeforce onto your items", the dev wrote. 

In their travels, Path of Exile players will find Seed Caches, which they can take to the Sacred Grove via Oshabi's portal. Once you're there, you can use the ancient garden's mystical powers to grow all sorts of monsters. 

As you'd expect, lower-tier monsters are quite easy to grow but the more dangerous one will be more tricky, both when it comes to growing and harvesting. Some exotic seeds will require specific conditions, and you'll be able to use pipes, condensers and dispersers to fertilise your garden.  

This makes the Sacred Grove your personal and customisable battlegrounds, which along with your Path of Exile build makes for easier hunting for the sort of rewards you've set your eyes on. Harvesting the likes of Ersi, Janaar and Namharim won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

"Every monster you defeat in the Grove grants you a crafting option. Performing one of these powerful crafts consumes Lifeforce from the monsters you just harvested", GGG explained, insisting that the resulting crafting is directed to an extent Path of Exile "has never seen before". 

Grinding Gear Games Sacred Grove from Path of Exile: Harvest Path of Exile: Harvest

Path of Exile: Harvest also brings improvements to the passive skill tree, like better support for two-handed weapons, and new clusters of passives. Several melee skills will be recategorised as slams, with the existing ones getting visual overhauls as well. 

You can check out more screenshots below or learn more on the official website .

Path of Exile: Harvest, create your own unholy garden

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Path of Exile: Harvest, hey there little guy!

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