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Path of Exile Betrayal expansion revealed, coming December

Published: 11:22, 14 November 2018
Grinding Gear Games
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Path of Exile Betrayal

Grinding Gear Games have announced a release date for a new game-changing Path of Exile expansion Betrayal. New content is coming on 15 December for PC and Xbox One, with the PlayStation 4 version still in the works, set for late 2018.

Path of Exile is about to get a hefty expansion called Betrayal with15 December 2018. Betrayal or the 3.5.0 update will bring new content and a rework of some of the game's key features.

In Betrayal, players will have to deal with a new threat dubbed the Immortal Syndicate. The powerful organisation is raising the dead with the item stolen from Order of Jinn. The main goal is to investigate the organisation and its chain of command.

Grinding Gear Games CEO, Chris Wilson compared the system to cartel investigation. Players will have to learn about Immortal Syndicate trough various scattered random encounters.

Every encounter will represent different tiers of the organization. In Intervention Encounters, players are hunted by Syndicate's assassins, these encounters can happen at random and can even happen during boss battles.

Fortification Encounters will set the players with a task of destroying Syndicate's fortified areas. In Research Encounters, players will try to stop the Syndicate's scientists from destroying the evidence in the underground research labs. And last but not least, in Transportation Encounters players will have to recover the cargo from Syndicate's convoys.

Press Kit picture showing players raiding in Path of Exile Betrayal Raiding the Syndicate's safehouses

Grinding Gear Games have been inspired by Middle-Earth's Nemesis system in giving the players options to interact with Encounter Masters, which are the main bosses. Interrogations will reveal more encounter locations, and a bargain option will give you a chance to negotiate with the masters to change the Syndicate's chain of command.

There is also a betray option, which will see masters backstab their leaders by taking their spots. Your actions will influence the Immortal Syndicate organisation which opens many different strategies and rewards.

Crafting has also been revised. The expansion is bringing new Veiled Mods which can be found in rare drops. These will unveil three modifiers that can be crafted on different items. Also, Master Crafting recipes can now be found by completing certain Master missions. 

In addition to the main content, the new expansion will also bring quality of life updates, gameplay tweaks, new skills and abilities.

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