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Path of Exile finally has PlayStation 4 release date

Published: 08:56, 13 March 2019
Grinding Gear Games
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Path of Exile

Path of Exile is finally coming to PlayStation 4 on 28 March 2019 it's been officially announced by the developers Grinding Gear Games. The port is coming after multiple delays and it will include the latest expansion - Synthesis.

Originally planned to release back in December 2018, and then in February 2019, Path of Exile now has a final release date that is set for 28 March 2019. 

This was confirmed officially by the developers Grinding Gear Games in an announcement on Path of Exile forum. 

Along with the full game, the latest expansion named Synthesis is also included and other than that, the devs didn't reveal additional details.

However, they did say that more information on what to expect from launch will be shared as we get closer to the release date. We already know that PlayStation 4 players will get improved console UI and PS4 Pro owners will enjoy the prettier version with turned on global illumination.

As for the , it was released on PC on 08 March 2019 and Xbox One three days later. Synthesis introduced a new progression system, areas and challenges along with the memory dungeons. Due to popular demand, the expansion also brought back the Betrayal System to the core game.

Path of Exile was first released on PC, more than five years ago, followed by Xbox One launch in August 2017. The increasing popularity of the free to play action RPG made the developers officially announce the PlayStation 4 port back in November 2018.

The announcement came just in the wake of Blizzard's Diablo Immortal debacle and some may say that Grinding Gear Games took the opportunity to attract unhappy Diablo players to Path of Exile. 

GrindingGearGames picture showing POE gameplay Path of Exile: Synthesis

Of course, at that time, the development of the PS4 version was probably well underway, and it's possible that Grinding Gear Games planned to announce the port at later date, but once the Blizzcon backlash picked up the pace, it was the opportunity they probably didn't want to miss.

You can check Grinding Gear Games' official announcement on Path of Exile .

For more Path of Exile news, check out our with Chris Wilson of Grinding Gear Games.  

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