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Path of Exile 2 closed beta has been delayed

Published: 13:04, 25 June 2020
Grinding Gear Games
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Path of Exile 2

Grinding Gear Games have officially confirmed that planned Path of Exile 2 beta test will not happen in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic. The devs say their schedule has been significantly delayed.

The sequel to popular hack and slash online RPG Path of Exile has been announced earlier this year with a closed beta set to launch later in 2020 but thanks to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic the schedule has been pushed back, which means the beta will not be coming in 2020.

"When we announced Path of Exile 2 last year, we mentioned that the earliest an early Beta could occur might be late 2020. This is definitely not happening this year, due to significant schedule delays due to the pandemic," Grinding Gear Games wrote in  a forum post.

The team states that they have been working hard to keep the leagues coming out as close to on time as possible, which resulted in some delays for the sequel. "We are looking forward to our next announcement about its upcoming content, and we'll keep piling on any technology improvements we can make into the existing Path of Exile client."

Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile: Harvest combat Path of Exile: Harvest

Path of Exile is set to receive two additional expansions this year. The first one is set to arrive in September while the second expansion will drop in December. The devs are confident that they can launch these updates as planned despite Harvest's one-week delay.

Path of Exile 2 is still a long way off, especially after the latest delay. Our guess for the release date would be late 2021.

Path of Exile: Harvest, create your own unholy garden

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Path of Exile: Harvest, hey there little guy!

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