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Grinding Gear Games announce Path of Exile for PlayStation 4

Published: 20:39, 05 November 2018
Updated: 21:05, 05 November 2018
Grinding Gear Games
Picture of a player in high end armour in Path of Exile
Path of Exile

While Blizzard is pushing Diablo toward mobile platforms, Grinding Gear Games are garnering more fans daily with news they actually like. The latest will probably be well received too as they announced Path of Exile is coming to PS4.

Grinding Gear Games have just recently announced private leagues for players to enjoy, and stated that the actual big news will come with 3.5.0 expansion. Turns out they had another bit of big news before that happens though, as they announced a PlayStation 4 version of Path of Exile. The game is set to make a debut on PlayStation 4 on 07 December 2018, and the update 3.5.0 should arrive to both consoles at the same time.

PlayStation 4 users may not be familiar with the title as it was exclusive to PC and Xbox One so far, but if they are looking for an action RPG looter game reminiscent of Diablo series, they should look no further. The game is free to play but that shouldn't throw anyone off as the microtransactions in the game are neither pushing pay to win mentality nor egregious in any other sense.

In the age of corporate greed in gaming, Grinding Gear Games have managed to balance out microtransactions in their free to play title while pushing out huge amounts of new content fairly frequently. Apparently, the upcoming update 3.5.0 will be the largest update for Path of Exile in 2018, despite the developers already releasing several expansion-sized updates throughout the year.

In case you are pondering whether you should give the game a shot, it has been extremely well received across the board, scoring 91 per cent positive user reviews on Steam. Meanwhile, the game's Metacritic score is at 86 with 8.0 user score.

Grinding Gear Games Picture of Crawler in Azurite Mines dungeon from Path of Exile Path of Exile: Delve

Overall, the developers at Grinding Gear Games have so far shown positive changes over the years, and there is no mention of partnering up with a mobile game developers nor a mobile version for Path of Exile. Maybe developers on New Zealand don't have any smartphones.

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Path of Exile, Strongbox Chamber

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